About Us

When we first started our family-owned business in 2004, we were a husband and wife team who shared a passionate interest in the “remodeling arts”. We had a combined, related experience of 25 years retail sales in building materials and floor coverings, estimating and jobsite supervision, flooring installation (Molly’s family business), general repair and all phases of remodeling.

Tired of working for others who did not share our ethics and customer service ideals, we ventured into the world of small-business ownership. Although we enjoyed doing many types of work — the variety that being a “Jack and Jill of all Trades” afforded us — we felt that the title of “Handyman” had become somewhat stigmatized: Everyone knows of the individual (often working out of his vehicle) who can do many things affordably, but not necessarily well, and may not carry the proper insurance or work “above the table”, yet the only alternative for the discriminating homeowner was to screen and hire several different trades people.

We were determined to be different!

Because we are both perfectionists by nature and have high expectations of quality workmanship (and customer service!) when we are on the OTHER side of a service business transaction, we made it a point to study, and become expert in, the finer points (or “best practices”) of the various types of work we performed, as well as becoming familiar with, and abiding by, local codes and standards. We knew that this would enable us to fully guarantee our work. 

As we grew, we recruited other like-minded individuals for our team: A few highly-skilled and versatile staff workmen who met our criteria for attention to detail, licensed tradespeople (plumber, electrician and roofer, available for permit work) and skilled specialists (hardwood installer/refinisher, custom/faux finish painter, and a master tilesetter/vinyl and carpet installer of 30 years experience — Molly’s brother!) whom we knew from our prior business connections, and who did the level of work that we sought to offer. This enabled us to meet a larger variety of needs, in a more timely manner, and to the highest level of quality possible. We made a conscious decision to limit the further growth and size of our business, in an effort to avoid the inevitable loss of quality, service and accountability that often characterize larger companies.

We truly enjoy treating our customers the way that we would like to be treated, and utilizing the benefits of our previous business experience to run a top-notch operation. We strive to be as prompt, affordable and reliable as possible. We are fully insured, licensed in most local cities and villages and offer very competitive rates, senior citizen discounts, and a variety of payment options (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover all accepted). Estimates are free of charge wheneverpossible.

We look forward to serving you!

Molly Lovell-Harris
Oakwood Hills, IL